Pictorial Book


To create two pictoral coffee table books


Book One: THE BRIDE ~ God willing, we intend to create a coffee table book based on the study completed to produce the painting of Hosea chapter two, which is entitled The Bride.

Book Two: IMAGES ~ A collection of the multitude of spontaneous images painted on an ongoing basis.


Book One: THE BRIDE ~ This painting was created after ten months of studying Hosea chapter two. I currently have fifty pages of text in five sections ready for review by a published writer.

Book Two: IMAGES ~ As images are created and their corresponding messages written, it seems prudent to assemble the most spectacular of these images in book form for many to view and respond to in a personal way.


Book One: THE BRIDE ~ It is my hearts intent to capture the inspired portions of this prepared text into pictures that will impact those who view this unique pictoral text with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

While many will see the gospel message in the images created, I am told that it is a clarion call to leaders and I simply say..."let it be so and Lord release an anointing that will allow the images I paint to portray the call of your word in an appropriate and dynamic way that leads to transformed lives".

Book Two: IMAGES ~ I endeavour to be faithful to record the images the Holy Spirit inspires in my paintbrush. Beyond the artistic inspiration of "brush to canvas" rests the anointing of the Holy Spirit upon the image itself as people view it and upon the words used to express what the image means. This distinct visual voice can speak in offices, in homes, or in libraries in ways that the individual oral voice may be shut out.

Join us:

  • . I invite you to donate toward the creation of these pictoral texts.
  • . I invite you to pray that I will be able to create the artwork necessary to communicate Hosea Two ~ THE BRIDE in an effective, new and dynamic way and that we will choose the pictures for IMAGES that speak to the Glory and person of Jesus.

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