Patty accepts a wide variety of speaking engagements with or without the use of her artwork or on-site painting skills. She has experience in public speaking, live-painting, and television. She has been involved in diverse events and has skill connecting to varying ages.

She is a motivational and inspirational believer in the arts who will inspire all those who hear and see her "visual voice".

Every time Patty completes a canvas, she endeavours to create a written text message specifically for that piece. This message is both informational and instructional. Using her own artwork as a backdrop for her speaking provides a unique and creative way of expressing the message of scripture.

Prayerful consideration and scheduling are the number one criteria for accepting invitations to speak and teach; honourariums and travel/mileage costs paid to the Ministry are a necessary part of keeping the ministry aspects of this charity alive, but are not the chief consideration.