Bev Foster, Trustee                                                                                                                         Karis Trust

The unique work of Patty Bowman-Kingsley is filled with evocative images that have been refined through personal study, global experience, masterful skill and an unswerving commitment to pursuing and perceiving God and all of His world through prophetic eyes and ears.  Her work invites one to reflect, imagine, and respond--inescapably. I have been privileged to support Patty in her ministry with 180 Art and will continue to shoulder this vision with her.

Dr. Byron Spradlin, President                                                                                                     

Artists in Christian Testimony Intl

Nashville (Brentwood), TN   USA

"Bold.  Beautiful.  Fiery.  Vibrant.  Spiritual.  Forthright.  Sensitive.  Provocative.  Biblical.  Spirit-energized.   Innovative.  Service-full  ! ! !   These words describe only in part the dynamic environment Patty Bowman Kingsley brings . . . both in person and in paint."

     And if you want more -- of what I really believe  . . .

"Her gifts range from Bible teaching to Beauty-expressing; from prophetic painting to powerful intercession.  Kingsley will help you meet with God in ways that will change you, while at the same time give you hope and health to help others who need you."

International Prophetic Minister and Teacher                                                                                    Rev. Gaetane Marshall Founder ~ Lead International

Patty Bowman Kingsley is one of my absolute favourite artists. Her first three commission pieces of twelve Bible prophets alone are already an outstanding ensemble of prophetic word-visions and she has just begun. Her God-perspective into these characters is always intriguingly provocative and her interpretations personally challenging. Her recent work created during various worship services, will astound you as she delivers a piercingly in depth word of the Lord to individuals, churches and organizations through her craft. Patty is not only a painter but clearly a seer who functions with a unique Bezalel anointing, fully competent in many forms of craftsmanship, and creatively communicating in a variety of inspiring streams including song writing, literary giftings and administrative skills.


I have known Patty for about 27 years. I see her with impeccable integrity and a trule hearts desire to follow the Lord as she comes into the destiny the Lord has for her.

Pastor Don Hadley, USA