Commissions Rates

Patty accepts a wide variety of portrait and thematic commissions.

Hourly Rate:

· $75.00/hour - finished costs range from $800 - $4,000.00 each


· $150 - $250.00 - depending on size

Commission Types:

· Thematic - Biblical Images, Inspirational Images

· Portrait - All Ages, current or historic in nature

· Animals

· Landscapes


Additional Expenses:

· Mileage costs of $.50/km will apply, as well as her hourly rate shoud travel be involved in the creation or delivery of the commissioned work.

Contractual Obligations:
Contracts are used for all commissions in order to ensure that communication, expectations and outcomes are satisfactory to both parties.


· Non-refundable deposits of $400 - 2,000 will apply to all commissions at Patty's discretion before work is commenced.

Aesthetic Obligations:

If Patty is painting subjective commissions such as dreams, visions or the interpretation of scriptural themes, she will endeavor to comprehend her clients wishes before commencing a piece, with the final work of art painted at her discretion.