The Core

The Core:

180Art is committed to:

  • . Follow God's leading through the guidance of the Holy Spirit in line with the written Word of God
  • . Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ for Salvation at the heart of all its activities and efforts
  • . Demonstrate care for the inter-personal relationships of those who work with 180Art
  • . Integrity in the financial administration, fundraising and purchasing practices employed by 180Art
  • . Appropriate use of technology for the administration and advancement of this charitable Ministry
  • . Accountability to the local church, to the leadership of A.C.T. and to the leadership of 180Art
  • . Provide a Visual Voice for the Gospel internationally

The Framework:

The Bible, as contained in the sixty-six books of the Old and New Testament provides a practical and spiritual framework for the advancement and conduct of this work and the services provided by 180Art.