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©Patty Kingsley

“Do not follow where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

 As time marches on, I look behind me to see who is following in my footsteps.  Did I leave enough of a path?  Are there footprints and clues for generations after me to discover what folks my age built on it.  Is there something of our lives to learn that they can use to surpass us.

Credit does not matter, credibility does.  The goal is how we impart, mark and leave behind sustainable change in our communities.

Mentor Me was created at the  Mayors Gala in my community of Clarington, ON.  Our Mayor and council decided to host an gala fundraiser for the arts as explored and expressed through A Gift of Art in Newcastle, ON and The Visual Arts Centre of Clarington, ON.  The Mayor and Council mentor, both art institutions mentor and create and tend the creative culture in our municipality and beyond.

The image of a large white mare is front and centre in this illuminated piece.  What is not as visible may be the young rider coming upon a sunrise that lands itself in the middle of the large horse.  The meaning is simple, as caretakers of the artistic flame, it is critical that we decrease and that the young artisans of our communities eclipse us.  We will disappear into the landscape of time and those who are younger in years will assume our place as they are released into their day in the sun.  How we walk, the paths we lead, the mentoring and teaching and modeling we use, will become theirs — they will become us and more.  I want to walk in a way that strengthens our community and the impact the arts can make on humanity.  We join together as we strive to leave legacy for those who follow.  Our greatest creative act will be the work done in and through others.

This image changes colour with multi-coloured LED lights behind it.


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