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Rain Dance II

©Patty Kingsley


This is a painting of celebration.  How it is crafted is more important than the image itself.  Each colour represents a different person or aspect of our community.  We are varied, we are colourful and together we make a rain dance that is corporate and varied.


The key is how they are formed.  In order to represent the diversity in community I vary the brushes I use.  A thin brush, a wide brush, an old brush, a new brush, a stained brush, and even some with peeling paint.  I arrange multiple colours in front of me and then dip each brush individually in its colour, then I hold them together as one, in my hand so that collectively they create one large brush stroke.  Each time I do it, I was them off and re-dip them again...sometimes they go back into the same colour, sometimes they get a new colour to carry onto this corporate canvass, a rain dance of love and delight.


Approx. size of original LED organza
Size: 14"x7"   Cost: $300.00
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