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Transformation — One drop of God please…

©Patty Kingsley


This piece is fashioned after a story about civic leaders and the watercourse of their city.  It speaks to our Common unity unto life and the authority of God to bless a land and a people, it is about the significance of a city’s flow.  No flow, no go.


Jericho’s people rebuilt a city that was not to be rebuilt.  The city was growing, but the water, the flow of the city,  was bad.  The leadership of that city, while not believing or professing faith in God, asked a prophet of God, named Elisha to appeal to God to change the flow of the city and bless the water.  He did, God did, and life continued on. Elisha did not resist the opportunity to bless folks who believed differently than he.  His goal was LIFE released for those who asked and recognized God.


As civic  leaders  we can humble ourselves and  acknowledge the power of God and call upon His name through the community of His saints, to bless the wellbeing of people and land, to join in common unity to see life produced in a region. 


While these leaders  believed differently, they acknowledged the power of God to make a change.  The miracle they needed came to pass. Elisha lived in community. 

He blessed unto LIFE whether folks followed His God or not.


LED - mixed on organza - approx size
Size: 36"x55"   Cost: $1,300.00
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