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Above the Storm

©Patty Kingsley 2013


Created “live” at Ontario Shores with three students, a couple staff, a few patients, and a friend of artists and people Sheri Gundry.


This image is created to represent the strength and hope we can find amidst the storms of life.


At various seasons in our life we may find that even the day is dark to us.  We may find that we live without a light on in our dwelling places.  By contrast, if we choose to put the light on, rather than simply kick the darkness, we see Light no matter how dark the day.  If we lift our eyes above the level of the immediate storm, there is sun in the clouds, even during greatest storm.


Many of us have been in planes that descended from brilliant light, through storm clouds into the shroud of grey that enveloped the earth we landed on.  If we were to reverse our route we would rise through the storm clouds and find ourselves in the brilliant warmth of the sun.  The Light is there even when we cannot see it.


For me personally, the Light is eternal and my hope is built on Him.



Paper print, proportioned on 8.5x11 paper
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